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The Champion Update is an update added to Revelations Chapter one on March 17th, 2018; two months after the mod's initial release. It features the long awaited champion variants for the Glacier bosses, adds three new enemies, one new item, some monster variants, and bug fixes.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

March 17th[edit | edit source]

This is the officially posted patch notes for the March 17th update.

The Binding of Isaac: Revelations Update!

We've been hard at work on chapter 2, which has been gradually taking form and is already looking to top what we produced for chapter 1. In addition to Tomb, we've also gone back to add an extra layer of polish to Glacier. With that in mind, we would like to introduce the Champion update.

- Champion forms of each boss. These unlock once you've killed each boss once, and have their own unique look and very unique mechanics, while retaining the initial flavour of the original line up.

- 3 New Enemies. Yellow Snow, Stalagtrite and Ice Worms, along with a bunch of new rooms to take advantage of these chilly fellas.

- 1 New Item. Lil Frost Rider. A feisty little customer inspired by one of our favourite bosses from chapter 1. 

In addition to this, Narcissus has had some heavy rebalancing, optimisation and new active items added to his attacks. With some extra reskins for vanilla enemies that find their way into Glacier, with some greed waves thrown in for good measure. Along with various bug fixes for a number of issues affecting the mod in general.

And last but not least, a little treat for anyone interested in chapter 2: Tomb. The splash art featuring all the bosses, and the new playable character.

Hopefully this will tide you over until Tomb. We'll aim to tease some of the items over the coming weeks as more of chapter 2 comes to fruition. Thank you to everyone for your great feedback and your amazing support.

Love, Team Revelations xoxo

March 18th[edit | edit source]

A day later, an update came out, fixing some bugs.

- ice worms shoot the instant they hide from being above, and have max delay when they get up. more time to hit them + hopefully a more obvious gimmick

- narcissus's movement phase nerfed overall. less speed, less dodge, more firedelay

- lil frost rider & mirror shard work with box of friends

- lil frost rider is turned to ice tray by birth control

- charged baby spawns batteries with birth control

- fix a nil value error in narc, and a typo in stageapi that might've messed up any old ice hazard rooms

- replaced lil frost rider's slippery creep with aquarius creep.

- doubled the size of mirror shard reflected projectiles

- mirror shard now orbits on the same layer as cube of meat