Death Mask

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Death Mask
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
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DeathMask Cos.png
"Death comes naturally"
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Item Pools
Devil Room

Death Mask is a passive collectible added in Revelations Chapter 2.



  • When the player kills 10 enemies, the next enemy closest to the player will instantly be killed by a strike of lightning.
  • When an enemy is insta-killed, a friendly blue bony will spawn in place of the killed enemy that acts like a regular Bony.


  • Book of the Dead: Lowers the kill count requirement by two. Friendly bonys and bone familiars spawned by this item will be colored blue, and the bone familiars deal more damage.
  • Death's Touch: Lowers the kill count requirement by one.
  • Death's List: Lowers the kill count requirement by one.