Ghastly Flame

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Ghastly Flame
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Ghastly Img.png
"It hungers"
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Activation Charge
Item ID

Ghastly Flame is an activated collectible added in Revelations Chapter 2.



  • Upon use, the player can shoot out a purple flame that has homing.
    • The flame scales to the player's damage.
  • If the flame does the final blow to an enemy, the enemy's soul will be stored in the active item. The next time the player uses the item, a ghost familiar will spawn and seek out enemies, dropping stationary purple fires as it travels.
    • The ghost familiar lasts for 20 seconds.



  • BFFS!: Increases size and contact damage of the ghost familiar.
  • Extension Cord: Electricity beams connect between the player and the ghost familiar while active.

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