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Items are an integral part of game-play. They modify the player's attributes, grant or modify tear effects, and more. Items are classified into several distinct types and groups. Some items are passive, which add an effect permanently to the player, while others only activate when used. As of Chapter 1, Revelations adds 21 new items to the base game, and in Chapter 2, adds 28.

Chapter 1

Active Collectibles

Name Icon Quote Description
Hyper Dice Hyperdice Img.png "Special rerolls?" Rerolls special rooms.
The Monolith Monolith Img.png "Cry through to the other side" Places a monolith on the ground that splits the player's tears in three as they pass through.Blank.png

Passive Collectibles

Name Icon Quote Description
Aegis Aegis Img.png "It's got your back" Spawns a shield behind the player that blocks shots.
Birth Control BirthControl Img.png "Only child" Consumes familiars for damage ups and their powers.
Birthday Candle BirthdayCandle Img.png "Make a wish" Gives the player pickups depending on what they are missing.
Burning Bush BurningBush Img.png "Burning faith." Changes the player's shots to that of a flamethrower.
Cotton Bud CottonBud Img.png "Super absorbent!" Creep immunity. Walking over enemy creep decreases tear delay.
Dynamo Dynamo Img.png "Powered by sweat and tears." Periodical charge effect that unleashes lasers at enemies.
Fecal Freak FecalFreak Img.png "Ass backwards" Shooting keys reversed, Damage up, Damage multiplier up, Range and Shot Speed multiplier down.
Friendly Fire FriendlyFire Img.png "Heart burn?" Fire immunity, Red Fires shoot at enemies instead of the player, more Red Fires spawn in rooms, Red Hearts have a 1 in 5 chance to drop from fires.
Heavenly Bell HeavenlyBell Img.png "Heaven rings in mysterious ways." Special effects per floor.
Ice Tray IceTray Img.png "Ice to meet you." Changes tears to ice cubes that slide along the floor, leaving damaging creep.
Lil Belial LilBelial Img.png "Follow his mark..." Targets enemies and slows them down. If enemies are killed in order, a card drop is guaranteed.
Lil Frost Rider LilFrostRider Img.png "Frosty but feisty" Attacks enemies by shooting an Ice Pooter at them. When it breaks, it turns into a friendly Pooter enemy.
Mint Gum MintGun Img.png "Minty fresh breath." Tears slow enemies. If an enemy is hit with 5 tears in a row, they will be frozen.
Mirror Shard MirrorShard Img.png "Just a piece of the whole." Orbital that reflects enemy tears and does contact damage that leaves a bleeding effect.
Penance Penance Img.png "Do not covet thy health" All dropped or gained Soul Hearts become Black Hearts. Black Hearts transform into a spirit upon taking Black Heart damage in combat. Angel Rooms always spawn alongside Devil Rooms and remove the player's Black Hearts for rewards.
Spirit of Patience SOP Img.png "Take a moment..." Fires a laser at the nearest enemy so long as the player is standing still.
Sponge Bombs SpongeBombs Img.png "Super absorbent!" +5 Bombs. Bombs do more damage and have a larger blast radius the more tears they soak up. Leaves creep each time it absorbs a tear.
Tummy Bug TummyBug Img.png "It's moving!" The player sometimes stops firing and charges a shot that releases a spray of tears on a high arc. Taking a pill will spawn a large pool of creep in front of the player.
Window Cleaner WindowCleaner Img.png "Creep on, creep off." -1 Tear Delay. Tears remove creep as they fly over it.

Chapter 2

Active Collectibles

Name Icon Quote Description
Cardboard Robot Cardboard Img.png "Call in the heavy support" Upon use, a large cardboard suit slams down on the player, dealing contact damage and knockback to any enemies nearby. For 15 seconds, the player moves around in the cardboard suit, firing seven constant lasers. Each laser does 33% of the player's damage. If the player gets hit, 33% of the remaining time is depleted instead of taking damage. Upon clearing a room, the player gains 33% extra time. When time runs out, the player flings the suit off, and the suit explodes after a short time.
Chum Bucket ChumBucket Img.png

"Corpses never looked so good"

While held, (most) enemies will drop a pile of meat on the ground upon death. When the item is used, any meat piles in the room will shoot blood, bones, and teeth at nearby enemies.

Dramamine Dramamine.png "Vomit stopper" Upon use, places a non-moving explosive tear that acts like a landmine.
Ghastly Flame Ghastly Img.png "It hungers" When used, the player shoots a homing purple flame. If the flame kills an enemy, the next use of the item spawns a ghost that burns enemies on contact and leaves a trail of purple fire.
Glutton's Gut Glutton Img.png "Don't talk with your mouth full" When used, the player absorbs nearby enemies and projectiles. The player can then either throw up the consumed objects as a projectile or swallow them to heal for a full heart.
Half Chewed Pony ChewedPony Img.png "She's not done with that!" While held, the player gains flight and a +0.50 speed up. When used, spawns an Antlion's mouth in the ground, pulling nearby enemies and bosses towards it and damaging them. When used, it has a chance to be consumed and spawn a friendly Antlion that persists between rooms.
Moxie's Paw MoxieP Img.png "Swipe!" Causes a short-ranged swipe attack around the player when used. Deals damage and has high knockback.
Moxie's Yarn MoxieY Img.png "Play Time!" When used, spawns a ball of yarn alongside one of the Catastrophe cats, who will slash at nearby enemies. The yarn can also be rolled and deals damage to enemies while it is rolling.
Music Box MusicBox Img.png "Thank the Maestro"

Upon use, drops a music box on the ground that can play one of four different tunes, each with their unique effects which last while the music box is playing.

  • Lullaby - All enemies are gradually slowed, before eventually falling asleep, signified with small "zzz"s above their heads. Any damage will wake them.
  • Hymn - The player gains +1 speed, +2 damage, and homing tears for the duration.
  • Samba - Tear Delay -2, Piercing and Spectral for the duration.
  • Metal - All enemies randomly attack each other for the duration.
Oops! Oops Img.png "Keep the receipt" Upon use, certain traps are triggered or disabled.
  • All spikes in the room are retracted.
  • All bombs stuck in rocks and tnts are detonated.
  • Buttons will be pressed.
  • While in a Trap Room in Tomb, activates all traps in the room, but the traps are not harmful to the player.
Super Meat Blade MeatBlade Img.png "Will it blend?" Upon use, the player may fire in a direction to shoot out a large saw blade that attaches to the wall and circles around the room. Damages both enemies and the player.
Waka Waka WakaWaka.png "Nom nom nom"

When used, all enemy projectiles in the room turn into various fruits. Touching the fruits before they disappear grants small stat-ups that last for the floor. Different fruits cause different stat ups:

  • Cherry: +0.10 Damage
  • Lemon: +1.00 Range
  • Orange: +0.05 Shot Speed
  • Banana: +0.05 Speed

Passive Collectibles

Name Icon Quote Description
Addict Addict Img.png "1 a day, keeps the shadows away" For each room that the player doesn't take a pill, the next room will have a unique enemy called Skitterpills. For each time the player doesn't take a pill in a room, an extra Skitterpill will be added to the next room. Will always drop a pill when killed.
Bandage Baby Bandagebabynewsprite.png "Rag tag buddy!" Grants an orbital familiar that blocks shots and tosses balls of rags at nearby enemies, slowing them down temporarily. Disappears temporarily after blocking a shot.
Bargainer's Burden Bargain Img.png "Share the wealth" Spawns a familiar that damages enemies based on how many pickups the player has.
Broken Oar Broken Img.png "Make a splash" The player now shoots a spread of tears of varying size and strength. Has no effect when picked up by Charon (or Dante for Charon).
Cabbage Patch Cabbagepatchnewsprite.png "Eat your greens" Spawns a cabbage sprout each room that can be watered by the player's tears and grown into a full cabbage familiar. Hops around and throws itself at enemies a few times before dying.
Cursed Grail CursedGrail Img.png "Sacrifice your blood to me..." Grants damage ups and eventually flight for using Sacrifice Rooms.
Death Mask DeathMask Img.png "Death comes naturally" For every 10 enemies killed, the 11th enemy closest to the player will instantly be killed and will spawn a charmed light blue-tinted Bony.
Envy's Enmity Envy Img.png "Heads up!" Spawns a familiar that splits up when hit by the player's tears. Familiars damage enemies.
Ferryman's Toll Ferryman Img.png "Even the afterlife has a price" Drops two coins (of any kind) upon pickup. When the player dies, if they were carrying 33 coins or more, they will be revived at the starting room of the floor, retaining all items and at full health, but they will lose 33 coins. The second death will cost 66 coins. The third costs 99. No more deaths can be paid off after 99 cents.
Geode Geode.png "Can't wait to break it open!" Drops a random rune. Tinted rocks will now drop runes instead of Soul Hearts.
Haphephobia Haphe Img.png "Stay away!" While firing, a ring will pulse outwards from the player, pushing nearby enemies away.
Hungry Grub Grub Img.png "Feed him up, watch him go" Spawns a Little Chubby-like familiar that latches onto enemies to do damage. By feeding on enemies it grows in size, deals more damage, and leaves red creep on the floor. Its size resets upon leaving the room.
Lil Michael LilMichael Img.png "Grant me your strength" Flies in the path of the player's tears, storing up damage from the tears that pass through Lil Michael. After 20 tear shots, attacks a single enemy with the built-up strength.
Lover's Libido Lovers Img.png "Running only makes it harder..." Item pedestals flee the player. Catching them grants a random trinket.
Mirror Bombs MirrorBombs Img.png "Reflects its surroundings" Grants +5 bombs and makes the player's bombs look like the Glass bombs from Narcissus. Bombs now have effects determined by the appearance of the current room.
Not a Bullet Bullet Img.png "Velocity = power" Grants +0.5 shot speed. Gives a damage multiplier based on the players shot speed stat.
Ophanim Ophanim Img.png "Eyes of judgment" A golden ring surrounds the player that shoots orbiting tears whenever the player fires. If the player takes damage, the ring will leave the player and bounce around the room, damaging anything it runs into while also rapidly firing a storm of tears until it rejoins with the player.
Perseverance Perseverance Img.png "Hard work pays off"

The longer the player attacks an enemy, the player will get damage bonuses for that enemy. Attacking any other enemy will nullify this bonus.

Pilgrim's Ward Pilgrim Img.png "May the light shine your way" In every room with enemies, there will be a beam of light casting down onto a trinity symbol. If the player walks over the symbol, a homing laser ring will spawn around where the symbol is for about a second. After the laser ring disappears, the symbol reappears elsewhere in the room.
Prescription Prescription Img.png "Lasting treatment" Drops a random pill. Has a chance when entering new rooms to use a pill the player has taken before.
Pride's Posturing Pride Img.png "Shine before the fall" Shoots Pride lasers diagonally after the player fires for the first time in an uncleared room. It also activates any item that normally activates when the player is damaged.
Sloth's Saddle Sloth Img.png "One set of footsteps" Grants max speed in cleared rooms. Spawns mini charger familiars for every 10 damage dealt.
Virgil Virgil Img.png "Fortune sides with him who dares."

Grants a human familiar named Virgil, who will point at doors until it leads the player to either the treasure room, shop, or boss room. He will throw rocks at enemies in rooms to distract them, toss bombs near tinted rocks, push away Troll Bombs, and can revive the player.

Wandering Soul WanderingSoul Img.png "A familiar face" Grants a ghost familiar that takes on the look of a different character for each room. The ghost automatically moves near enemies and fires shots similar to the represented soul. The familiar cannot die.
Willo Willo Img.png "She's shy." Friendly Wisp that provides a damage increase to the player.
Wrath's Rage WrathR Img.png "Temper temper." Bombs dropped by the player instantly explode. The player gets a damage increase (per room) every time he drops a bomb.

Removed Items

Passive Items

Name Icon Quote Description Reason Removed
Broken Wings BrokenWings Img.png "Time heals all wounds" Would grant the player flight if they obtained six red heart canisters, or when reaching the Womb. Was re-worked as a unique passive ability for Sarah.