Raging Long Legs

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Raging Long Legs
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Raging Long Legs is one of the bosses added in Chapter Two. They are the second main path boss to be added in Revelations.


Phase 1 (above 66% Health).

  • Constantly follows the player.
  • Occasionally spits two Spiders at the player.
  • Occasionally spawns a Ticking Spider.
  • Occasionally shoots tears out in all eight directions.

Phase 2 (below 66% Health).

  • Starts the phase by stopping and charging up for a short time before exploding, sending out a large number of fires randomly. Raging Long Legs charges the player when he explodes, leaving a few fires behind him as he charges. This attack stops after a few seconds, which is when Raging Long Legs transitions into Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 has all the attacks from Phase 1 and Raging Long Legs is faster.
  • Occasionally spits three Spiders at the player that are on fire.
  • Occasionally stops for a second and explodes, sending out a large number of fires randomly.

Phase 3 (below 25% Health).

  • Starts the phase the same way as the beginning of phase 2, except the charge attack doesn't end.
  • Raging Long Legs has all attacks from the previous phases except he performs them while charging the player

Champion Versions

  • Champion: The head of Raging Long Legs looks similar to a Bomb Sack, signifying it is a champion. Most of its attacks revolve around spawning and detonating Bomb Sacks. He can also occasionally spawns brown Sacks.
    • During the first phase Raging Long Legs spawns Bomb Sacks instead of spiders.
    • In the second phase, it doesn't shoot out fires, but spawns more Bomb Sacks.
    • In the final phase Raging Long Legs spawns Bomb Sacks more frequently and can occasionally spawn brown Sacks.
    • After running for a short time Raging Long Legs charges up and explodes causing all Bomb Sacks to explode.