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The Binding of Isaac: Revelations is a three-part mod for the rogue-like videogame, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and its subsequent DLCs. The mod adds a variety of content, such as new monsters, items, characters, and most notably, new custom floors.

The first chapter of the mod to be released, titled "Enter the Glacier", focused around it's first new custom floor, Glacier. The floor carries themes of snowy enemies, bone-chilling rooms, and slippery ice mechanics to challenge the player.

Chapter Two, titled "Enter the Tomb", added the second new custom floor, Tomb. Tomb's mechanics involve booby trapped rooms, enticing puzzles, and sandy foes. Just make sure the monsters you kill actually stay dead...

The third Chapter of the mod, while yet to be released, has been titled "Enter the Vestige." It will focus on the third and final floor, Vestige, to finish off the mod trilogy. No release date has been given for Chapter Three.

Release dates
Chapter 1: 2018 January 5
Chapter 2: 2018 October 13
Chapter 3: TBD
Steampage Quote

Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

The second chapter to the popular Revelations mod brings two new dangerous floors to start your journey through the circles: beware of the freezing cold, the wandering draugr, and the conveniently placed hockey pucks of the icy Glacier, and try to survive the many deadly traps and the persistent resurrecting enemies of the heretical Tomb.

16 unique and new bosses await for you in the cold and in the sand. Prong, a friendly narwhal, wants to play with a smile on his face. Maxwell, a manic demon, is ready to jump at you. Catastrophe, familiar friends, just need some attention. And more, way more.

A cavalcade of 61 new items await you. Shoot a burning stream of fire with Burning Bush, cut a bloody mess out of your enemies with Super Meat Blade, grow an army of friendly vegetables with Cabbage Patch. Some of these you'll have to face your sins to obtain.

Play as two new characters: Sarah, a fallen angel trying to gain back her wings, who has to keep her evil at bay; and Dante and Charon, a wandering traveler and the ferryman of the dead himself guiding him, journeying through the circles and trying to find the road.

Reflect on your misdeeds.

~from Revelation's Steam Workshop Page.

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