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Trinkets are a kind of collectible that provide passive bonuses. As of Chapter 1, Revelations adds 4 new trinkets to the base game, and as of Chapter 2, adds 2.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
Spare Change 1 SpareChange Img.png Get yourself something nice! Upon entering a shop, a nickel will drop on the floor; upon entering an arcade, three pennies will drop on the floor; upon entering a Devil Deal Room, a Soul Heart will drop on the floor.
Library Card 2 LibraryCard Img.png No key required. Grants free access to Libraries.
Archaeology 3 Archeology Img.png What's in there? Rocks, pots, mushrooms, skulls, polyps, and ice blocks are twice as likely to drop a collectible from their respective pools when broken.
Gag Reflex 4 Gagreflex Img.png Something doesn't sit right... The player gains Ipecac for the room if they take any pill.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Quote Description
Telescope 5 Telescope Img.png Constellations seem bigger. Amplifies the effects of zodiac-related items.
Scratched Sack 6 ScratchedSack Img.png Cat's Out! Upon clearing a room, there is a chance for reward pickups to be doubled.
Maxwell's Horn 7 MaxwellHorn Img.png You broke it! Upon using an active item, a boulder falls on a random enemy.